For most businesses there is more than just one typical customer, and many ways to reach each of People2them.

All marketing is a substitute for face to face conversation, and it follows that the more you can tailor your advertising messages to the specific needs and concerns of each reader, the more effective it will be. Segmentation is a way to work toward that ideal economically, by looking at your universe of customers and breaking it down into smaller groups, or segments, and delivering messages that appeal to the motivating concerns of each group.

 You’ll generate more sales with a brochure if you first determine its specific purpose and goals.printograph brochure sample copy

Develop a use strategy for a brochure, product presentation kit, sales flyer or any number of other print media pieces first, before you concern yourself with creating and printing it. A use strategy simple means that you determine exactly how you will “use” the brochure, so your investment in it will generate a pre-set sales goal.

Much is being made today of the decline of printing. Newspaper and magazine subscribers are printograph catalog sampledwindling; e-books are gaining in popularity; online advertising is replacing print; and printed products are being assailed as environmentally unsound. So does printing have a future? Does it have a present?

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